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Stars: Francesco D’Macho Aitor Crash

Falcon Studios: Tropical Adventure & Part 1

Luciano Prado, Tommy Lima and Dennis make up the three-way here, and macho stud Luciano is the recipient of attentive oral action from his buddies at the beginning. Luciano reciprocates, giving his two friends equally good blowjobs, before they all shoot. Later, Dennis rides Luciano’s cock sideways as he sucks Tommy, and Luciano blows a hot load at the end of the fuck.<br></br>But this scene has more to go, with Tommy and Dennis getting rimmed by Luciano as they press their cocks and asses together in a hot piggyback ride. Before this group blows yet again, they use plantains wielded by Luciano as ass toys while they stroke their cocks. Then, the extraordinary Luciano is on his back taking it from Tommy. <br></br> Dennis shoves his cock into Luciano’s mouth while Tommy is fucking Luciano, and then Dennis fucks Luciano. The blistering finish has Luciano spewing a load on his taut body followed by both Tommy and Dennis drenching the stud’s body with even more cum.

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This house is full of pleasure the cock sucking and ass pounding kind! Hung guys, huge dicks and insatiable sexual appetites abound with an abundance of rimming, sucking and fucking at any time of the day. These guys are the sluttiest boys around theyll drop to their knees and worship the fat cock in front of them before putting their hot butts on offer for a deep plowing! This house is not only full of fun, its also full of lots of cum!

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Stars: David Gayfrenchkiss Kevin Sportwear

Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #1Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #2Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #3
Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #4Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #5Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #6
Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #7Helix Studios - Ready for My 3-Way #8

Justin Owen, Blake Mitchell and Logan Cross are in for one hot threesome and you can tell as the boys primp to their prettiest. They towel dry their tight asses and flex their rippling muscles in the mirror with lust in their eyes for the camera. Justin happens upon luscious Logan touching his tender torso and you can tell he means business. He's rock hard, ready, and can barely contain himself as the two get right to business. Blake soon joins and the threesome take turns on their knees satisfying their salacious hunger for cock. The two bigger guys lead tight little Logan into the other room and place him on a bed, treating each end of the twink like a treasure. The hot young tops take turns tasting bottom boy Logan's perfectly smooth pink pucker and filling his hungry mouth with dick. Like a hot relay race Blake and Justin pass trophy boy Logan across the bed to each other and all the while some HOT dirty talk takes place! Logan is the perfect fuck boy, taking everything the boys are giving and remaining rock hard without ever touching his tool. All this hot dicking has obviously worked Justin into overtime as you can tell when he climbs on top on Blake's cock and rides it hard while his buddy Logan finally gets his dick wet in Blake's mouth! Ever the people pleaser, Logan gives Justin a handy before he himself climbs on top of this totem pole; connecting all three buddies in the most tantalizing train fuck. Naturally all this hot action brings all the boys to the brink. Blake and Justin aim their dicks right for logan's open mouth and shoot. Logan has never looked hotter than when covered in cream. Milking the boys for every last drop and keeping both cocks in his mouth is all Logan needs. He launches a load all over his smooth torso. The three boys end sweaty, satisfied and covered in spunk, just like we did!

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It’s been a while since we last saw fit dominant daddy hunk Nathan in action, but he’s chosen the perfect time to make a comeback! He’s returned to take the impressive hooded rod of new guy Charley, and boy does he get it! The bloke are clearly hungry for that meat as they make out and worship each other, with Nathan getting his hairy cock sucked before feasting on Charley’s 9 inches. Eager to get right down to business our hairy stud muffin is soon over the edge of the bed with his arse up, being plunged deep by Charley’s thorough thrusting. Doggy style follows, but it’s when he’s on his back that his prostate is really taking a pounding. Check it out as the two wank themselves off and decorate Nathan’s hairy body in their combined cream squirts, it’s a great sticky finish to a great fuck!

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Horny dom Sean is into plenty of anal action, but he gives young and hairless horny bottom boy Justin more than he expects in this deliciously mean session! The boy has been baking in the sun for a while, his legs roped up above him and his wrists bound over his head as he lays back on a pallet. His ass is instantly open for use, with Sean getting his fingers in there and exploring the boys pucker. Grabbing his balls and wanking his dong a little Sean asserts his dominance with more fingers in the boys opening, eventually fucking his arse with his whole fist! The poor boy can’t take it well, so he’s pretty relieved when Sean stands to get his dong out and starts pissing all over the lad!

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Hot twink gets deep anal penetration after bj in garage. – Suck This Big Dick

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Falcon Studios: Jacob Peterson & Scott DeMarco - Sexflix And Chill

Beefy Jacob Peterson, with a light dusting of hair across his muscled torso, strokes his cock while streaming some porn on his tablet. Scott Demarco dozes in bed next to Jacob. With his uncut cock in one hand, Jacob looks over at Scott with a devious glint in his eye. He sees Scott’s cock twitch under the sheets. Ditching the tablet, Jacob pulls down the sheets, and wraps his lips around Scott’s thick tool. As he slowly wakes up, Scott starts moaning approvingly. Jacob works Scott’s cock more aggressively, stroking with his hands and using his tongue to stimulate every inch of Scott’s boner. Switching roles, Scott goes down on Jacob’s massive meat. He strokes Jacob’s cock, watching the foreskin roll across Jacob’s cock head. Eager for more, Scott rolls Jacob over and buries his face in Jacob’s ass. Spreading Jacob’s cheeks, Scott spits right in the center and pushes it in with his tongue. Now that Jacob is lubed and ready, Scott penetrates Jacob’s tight hole. Jacob raises his left leg high in the air, relishing Scott’s deep, powerful thrusting. Scott lies down on the bed and Jacob lowers himself down on Scott’s swollen rod for a full-throttle sit fuck. They switch to doggy style, and Scott encourages Jacob by slapping his muscled ass, leaving behind a pink handprint. They return to missionary position, and Scott shoots a thick, creamy load right on Jacob’s gaping hole. Jacob lets loose an explosion of cum across his abs and chest.

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Men Over 30: Hunter Vance, Matt Stevens & Dek Reckless -  Relieving Work Place Tension Part 2

Dek and Hunter are on break but it’s not your usual break they are on. They both have been so horny at work that they pulled out their dicks and are stroking them. The boss isn’t around and they really hope they don’t get caught. It’s a slow day on the job and what a better way to past time than play with your dick. They want to see who has the biggest load but just before that Matt comes walking in with his dick out but Matt’s the boss and Dek and Hunter didn’t expect him to show up let alone with his dick out already stroking as well. They all join in for some steamy three way action swapping sucks and eating ass until boos man Matt is ready to fuck both there asses. Matt bangs Hunter’s tight ass first than moves to Dek’s smooth buttery bottom and doesn’t finish until he gets his entire nut completely out. Enjoy!

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Twinks tied and cuffed, then spanked hard and fucked harder! Yum!

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Stars: Dakota White Jacobey London

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