We get emails from guys all over the world wanting to come shoot… all with different looks and from different walks of life. Riley just happened to be a cute, hung, country boy from Texas… who’s also happens to be a big fan of Austin. The kicker? Riley has never been with another guy! He had never kissed another guy, touched another dick, or been rimmed! Not only does he want his first gay experience to be here on camera, but he wants Austin to fuck him! He said he’s definitely been curious and has wanted to experiment, but just never had the chance. "If I’m gonna do it, I may as well REALLY do it!," he said. It took a minute to get Austin’s big cock in, but once in, they had some amazing, raw, and passionate sex their chemistry was off the charts! Austin actually came twice while they were fucking- one all over Riley’s hole before sticking it back in, and the other got shot deep inside Riley! If you like watching someone get fucked for the first time, you will LOVE this!

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Stars: Riley Gray Austin Wilde

Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #1Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #2Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #3
Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #4Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #5Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #6
Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #7Helix Studios - #helix: Gabriel Martin and Joey Mills #8

This edition of #Helix is the holy grail for our twink fans! Joey Mills is the ultimate twink super star with a legion of devoted fans, which makes for a fabulous fit to this popular series all about fan's questions and kinky requests! He's paired with one of the freshest new faces in porn, gorgeous Gabriel Martin. Gabriel is the total package, gorgeous, gifted on both ends, succulently smooth and smart as hell. His intelligence matches his swarthy, sexy good looks and even just listening to the lusty latin speak is boner inducing. You fans outdid yourselves with this round of raunchy requests and both boys answer with uber hot honesty. They chat about the biz, their dreams, their favorite fucks and everything in between including a deliciously dirty description about double penetration. Once the boys are horny as hell from fan's questions, they double down and do every dirty deed you desire. Martin man handles Joey's famous fanny as per your request. He slaps Mill's tender tush till it's pink with some sexy spanking and from then on it's full fuck ahead! Deep throat directions are followed by a raw ride on Gabriel's perfect piece as Joey's giant jock swings around like a baseball bat. Gabriel's smooth ass is absolutely edible and Joey eats like a starving slut before serving up a main course of massive cock! Mills mesmerizes as a top; after all, the kids got a lot to work with. Gabriel's face, full of pure pleasure still looks pretty biting the bed as he accepts Mills massive member deep. Full up on cock, Gabriel is energized and ready to ram. The Bronze beauty bangs the fuck out of Joey's hungry hole. With his ass and cock full to capacity, Joey releases loads of pure pleasure from his famous phallus. Gabriel picks up the pace, drives his dick in deep then splashes a spectacular spew of spooge far as fuck! The pretty pair give the perfect make out finale as Mills is marinating in a massive amount of twink toss.

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Drew had been to the gym early in the morning so when he arrived for his shoot with sexy French guy Xavier he was extra horny and ready to get some man meat. These guy2 couldn’t wait to get those uncircumcised cocks out and start having some fun, their lust for dick is clear as they swap their shafts and slurp the pre cum from each other in a 69. While both are versatile they knew what roles they wanted to play. Drew was craving the feel of that long joystick deep in his ass and when he slides down on it to take his new friend for a ride he’s loving every moment. After taking that knob in some great positions the boys kick back and wank themselves off, splashing their loads out together and finishing with a kiss.

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Colby Chambers has hired a Spanish language tutor to come over to the house and help him learn a new language. When the sexy tutor, Angel Cruz, showed up at the house Colby knew this was going to be tougher than imagined because he couldnt keep his eyes off him. Angels sexy native tongue and amazing body had Colby less focused on the language lesson and more focused on Angel. Lucky for Colby, a tutoring demonstration had his hands on the tutors cock and once he felt Angels erection, he knew he was ready for a study break. Colby makes good use of the kitchen counter and has Angel face first down eating his beautiful ass. These guys go at it hard with Colby delivering every inch of his thick meat deep inside of Angels tight ass. This intense kitchen fucking causes Angel to explode with a huge, long shooting stream of cum all over his chest. Colby is more than pleased with this tutoring session and tips Angel by shooting a load of cum on the tutors ass.

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Stars: Angel Cruz (m) Colby Chambers

Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #1Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #2Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #3
Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #4Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #5Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #6
Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #7Helix Studios - Dirty Boys #8

There's great BIG benefits that cum from sharing an apartment with one bathroom, especially for bathroom buddies Jared Scott and Jimmy Andrews. Jimmy wakes up to find giant dicked Jared got the jump on the hot water, but things get even hotter when he invites Jimmy to join. Andrews gives Scott's clean cock a spit shine and and does the same to his soapy fresh fuck hole. Warm, wet and ready Jared gets a raw rear ender from Andrews with one leg up so we can catch all the bareback, ball slapping action as Jared jacks his colossal cock. A bathroom isn't the only thing this tight pair share, as we find out when Scott salivates all over Andrews amazingly tight twink torso. He works his way down to the boy's boner before his tongue finds it's way to his friend's fanny. Jack off Jimmy leans back and relaxes into the full service tongue bath from his boy before Andrews invades the twink's tight tush with his huge hog. Jared slams the kid hard, shoving his shower slicked dick deep into Andrews as the porntastic pair kiss passionately. Kinky Jimmy begs his big boned bunghole banger to choke him which causes an avalanche of pleasure to topple from Andrews rock hard hammer. Scott slides his schlong out of the twink's still twitching tight end to let his balls release their warm wrath all over Jimmy's freshly jacked jock. We hope there's enough hot water left over for another shower!

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Sometimes it’s not all about the rough and mean fucking, sometimes a horny boy just wants to make a cock splash cream through some sensual edging and boner worship. Handsome boy Tyler knows what he’s doing, he’s arrived to finish off sexy young Kamyk after the boy has been wanked and sucked for a while already. The boy has been left hanging, roped into the swing, his pecker throbbing and his balls aching for release, but Ty;er is gonna make the most of it. See the handsome young man driving the restrained boy wild with the pinwheel, his hungry mouth, his probing tongue and his slippery hands as he works that joystick and ass to a semen erupting climax!

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Falcon Studios: Skyy Knox, Michael Delray - Love & Lust in New Orleans

It’s a rainy day in New Orleans and Michael Delray and Skyy Knox have been out enjoying the sights and having some lunch. By the time they make it back to the house, they’re soaking wet and need to get out of their clothes. Skyy can see that Michael has a raging hard-on inside his undies and gets to work taking it all the way down his throat. It’s a big dick, but Skyy can manage the whole thing and when Michael is at full mast, he decides to return the favor. Michael gets on his knees and services Skyy’s extra-long foreskin and big tight balls. Both studs are raging hard now and Michael can’t resist taking a taste of Skyy’s smooth hole. He gets it nice and wet and opened up with every intention of filling Skyy up with his big stiff rod. Michael is ready to get down to business and bends Skyy over the kitchen table to plug him as deep as he can go. Skyy wants to look his stud in the eyes and flips around to get a view of Michael’s face as he continues plowing away. The sight of the hot, young stud servicing his ass is all it takes for Skyy to let loose and cover himself with cum. Even after letting loose, Skyy isn’t quite finished. As Michael pulls out of him, Skyy gets on his knees and opens his mouth once again to take every drop that Michael’s throbbing dick has to offer.

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Young hot Latinos fucking their ass holes until climax – Bareback Initiation

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Men Over 30: Hunter Vance & Bruno Bernal - Boxer Tension

Bruno is a boxer and has just come to the locker room after a sparring match. He is tense and frustrated when Hunter walks in trying to pump him up. Hunter praises him, but Bruno is not in a good mood. Hunter starts massaging his shoulders and then Bruno exclaims that what he needs is a good fuck! He pulls out Hunter’s cock and starts sucking him. Hunter then rims Bruno’s nice ass while he wears his jock strap. Bent over, Hunter fucks Bruno over the bench at first and then up against the lockers as Bruno begs to be pounded. Bruno then grabs the punching bag and throws it to the floor where he lies on his back and Hunter continues to fuck him. Hunter fucks him so good, that Bruno shoots all over himself and Hunter follows. Enjoy!

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