Hot jeans, hot guys, and hot stripping makes for hot fun. Its time for a break from the university social life. These two frat boys plan to break each other wide open. Drinking with friends brings out warm feelings, especially for Simon and Bob. When one biology student is cramming hard, another wants to cram something up his biological orifice. Every office has a bully, but dont get intimidated, get intimate.

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Stars: Aslan Brutti Leon *

Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #1Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #2Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #3
Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #4Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #5Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #6
Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #7Helix Studios - Free to Experiment #8

After some heavy flirting at the park, new San Diego transplant (and horse hung hottie) David Rhodes works up some of that big dicked swagger to ask adorable blond boy Jamie Ray if he's got some free time to fuck. It's Ray's lucky day and our blond boy can't contain his cock composure. Jailbait Jamie is on David's divine dick as quick as possible. Hottie blondie enjoys every olive hued, hefty, hung inch of delicious dick David's got. Upping the excitement, Rhodes gets his slender bronze body on all fours and blows our blond boy's bone like a champ. Then the tall, dark and dicked dirty boy orders Ray's amazing rump onto his face for an incredible ass eating, schlong sucking 69 session. Rhodes needs his rager ridden and invites Ray to have a seat. The kid slides his hungry cock cubbyhole down on David's dong for a raw, hot railing. David enjoy's a full menu and isn't shy about asking Ray to ram his tight twink hole. Jamie jumps at the chance, burying his bareback bone deep inside as the two hot, horny twinks suck face. Rhodes spectacular schlong stays incredibly stiff, pointing north for the full dick drilling duration. It's no surprise that pretty boy Ray loves a heated hog deep inside that smooth derriere when his bone blasts off. The cute kid can't contain his cock's thoughts, spitting out, "I want you to fuck me till I cum." Spinning his beautiful bubble butt around, he aims all that amazing ass at David's goliath. Definitely turn up the sound for this section boys, the beautiful ball slapping symphony is a sexy seed soaker soundtrack. David drills till he hits Jamie's hot spot, and the kid lets loose every ounce of his young, love juice. Keeping his cock pleased between Ray's slick cheeks, Rhodes explodes. He covers the cutie's cheeks with salty, sweet, orgasmic ecstasy as he swipes his hefty hog back and fourth between the boy's slick, smooth, cock covered crevice.

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When Mickey wants to stick his rod into something warm and wet all the boys know that one of them is gonna get it. This time it’s fit boy Billy, captured and stripped naked, tied into position upside-down with his hole right there for Mickey to come and make use of. You know this dom boy doesn’t hold back when he needs to get off. Watch him play with that hole, slapping those cheeks, dunking his fat uncut prick into that pucker and fucking Billy like he’s nothing more than a piece of meat!

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Falcon Studios: Alex Mecum & Casey Jacks - Looking For the Big One

It’s a hot and sunny day at the beach house when Alex Mecum and Casey Jacks hook up in the back yard. Alex gets throbbing hard as the two hunks kiss and when Casey notices how big Alex has become, he can’t help getting on his knees and opening his mouth wide. Casey takes his time with Alex and is careful to lick every inch of the hung hairy stud’s thick shaft and big hanging balls. After getting Alex worked up to the point of no return, Casey pulls down his shorts and offers up his tight ass by bending over the balcony rail. Alex happily accepts Casey’s offering and gets down to eat him out. When Alex is convinced that Casey’s hairy hole can take his thick dick, he stands up and slowly slides his big pole between Casey’s cheeks before he picks up the pace to fuck his buddy harder. Casey wants maximum penetration and takes Alex to the couch where he gently pushes him down and straddles his hard body. Casey sits on Alex’s thick dick and rides it up and down until Alex takes charge and flips his friend around. Alex is ready to blow his load and he knows it will feel best with Casey on his back. Alex was right, and both studs blow their thick loads all over Casey, leaving him a sticky white mess.

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Men Over 30: Fernando Del Rio & Marco Lorenzo - Dry Spell

Fernando and Marco are sitting in their bed at the end of the day and Marco is obviously a little upset with Fernando. He feels neglected because Fernando has been working late a lot and they rarely have sex like they used to. Fernando tells him he is sorry and then tells him he is horny and starts making out with him. Fernando pulls out Marco’s huge uncut cock and starts sucking him. Marco forgets all about being mad once Fernando’s mouth is working over his cock. Marco then sucks Fernando for a while before putting him on all fours and rimming his ass. He then lies back and has Fernando ride his cock for their first position. Marco then rolls Fernando onto his side and fucks him from the side for a while before putting him in the fetal position and driving his cock deep inside as Fernando moans in pleasure. He then opens up Fernando’s legs and fucks him long and deep until Fernando cannot hold back and he shoots onto his hair stomach. Marco then pulls out and shoots a huge load of cum all over Fernando. Spent from such great sex, Marco tells Fernando that he better put out the next night as well and Fernando promises he will come home from work early! Enjoy!

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This past Super Bowl me and the guys decided to keep an old family tradition of mine and play a little bit of Pig Skin before the big game came on. It started out with Blaze and myself on teams and then we switched partners to keep it all fair. The game got cut a bit short after I was injured (Yeah I know the band-aid looks small and I ain’t no pussy, but it hurt like a bitch!) And we all went inside to get cleaned up together.

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Stars: Blaze

Viktor Rom eagerly fucks power bottom Ricky. Sexy newcomer Koldo Goran slides in Pablo`s hungry ass.

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Stars: Pablo Bravo Koldo Goran

Helix Studios - Summers Sin #1Helix Studios - Summers Sin #2Helix Studios - Summers Sin #3
Helix Studios - Summers Sin #4Helix Studios - Summers Sin #5Helix Studios - Summers Sin #6
Helix Studios - Summers Sin #7Helix Studios - Summers Sin #8

Cuddled up at a cozy cabin in the woods, perfect couple Ashton Summers and Ben Masters are determined to make the most of this romantic get away. Without a worry in the world, the couple enjoy the fresh mountain air outside in the sunlight. The fresh air fires up their horny hormones, getting them aroused and anxious to enjoy natures other naughtier, girthy gifts. The mountain air has replenished Ben's sucking power and he gets down to blowing Ashton's ample appendage. Summers injects some spiciness with some salty schlong slapping to his boy's beautiful face. Raw and raging hard from that excellent knob job, Summers gets Benny boy on the wooden table and aims his own hard wood at the boy's bubble. Ashton annihilates Ben's booty at every angle. He blasts the smooth sexpot's butt legs in the air, then bent over the table, and finally with one leg in the up, balls swingin' till Masters musters up a massively milky load that he lets loose everywhere. Summers just keeps on slamming cock and Ben is more than happy to take it. He rewards the boy's raunchy resilience by raining down delicious liquid dick, frosting Ben's booty with his top of the line lusty load.

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Horny Alex Mecum ass fucked by buffed stud Austin Wolf. – The Fixer – Austin Wolf & Alex Mecum

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Stunning Steve Rogers fucks Johnny’s tight ass! – Steve Rogers Pounds Johnny Riley – Johnny Riley & Steve Rogers

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