Falcon Studios: Austin Wolf, Gabriel Cross & Alexander Volkov - Depths of Focus

It’s quiet on the Hot House set as Austin Wolf preps his photography gear. Production assistant Gabriel Cross introduces today’s subject: Alexander Volkov. ‘Today’s going to be a closed set. You guys can go,’ announces Austin to the other crew. After loosening Alexander’s tie, Austin steps behind the camera and starts shooting. After a few poses, Austin instructs Gabriel to remove Alexander’s shirt. As Gabriel opens Alexander’s shirt to reveal his smooth, muscular torso, their eyes meet and they share a smile. Alexander’s next look is an edgy black bodysuit, and after that Alexander steps into a tight, white jockstrap. They wrap the shoot, and Alexander turns around to show off the huge bulge in his jockstrap. ‘Did you enjoy that?’ asks Austin. Alexander affirms, and Austin and Gabriel both move in to make out with the ripped hunk standing before them. Unbuttoning his fly, Austin shoves down his jeans and puts his cock in Alexander’s mouth. Gabriel bends down to suck Alexander’s hard meat, then stands up and makes out with Austin while Alexander alternates between sucking their cocks. Gabriel proves he has a perfect mouth for cocksucking too, trading places with Alexander and using his mouth to stimulate the sensitive tips of Alexander and Austin’s cocks. Bending over a stool, Alexander sucks Gabriel’s cock as Austin rims Alexander’s ass. With Alexander lubed up, Austin slides his thick meat into Alexander’s backdoor. Gabriel plays with Alexander’s nipples as they make out, sharing long, passionate kisses. Alexander shows off his versatility when he becomes the meat in a fuck sandwich between Austin and Gabriel. Switching things up, Gabriel spreads his legs as Austin and Alexander take turns fucking him. Gabriel strokes his rock-hard dick and busts a nut, shooting his cum onto his stomach with Alexander still inside him. Kneeling down, Gabriel opens his mouth to catch Alexander and Austin’s hot loads, letting their semen splash across his tongue and roll down his face.

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Koby is one of those boys who likes to challenge himself. He’s been pushing it hard at the gym for more than a week and he thinks stopping himself from unloading makes him more aggressive and motivated. Well, Tyler is about to end his run of no spooge days! The lads have caught him and roped him up, left him hanging from the rafters and ready for some milking. We need to get that load out of his dick and horny Tyler knows how to do it. Watch him stealing his mates pent-up load, using the massager in the best spots, his hands and his hungry mouth working Koby’s solid cock as he plays with the naked hunk and takes him to the edge. You can tell Koby is still trying not to jizz as he moans and groans through it all, but he can’t stop that semen from splashing out all over his thirsty friend!

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Justin came to film a video for us with our model Craig but split Craig’s ass with his bigger than average manhood. He said he hadn’t jerked off all day or the night before so he wanted to nut before getting blue balls. We were glad to record it.

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Stars: Justin (Tasty Twink)

Helix Studios - Jock Cock #1Helix Studios - Jock Cock #2Helix Studios - Jock Cock #3
Helix Studios - Jock Cock #4Helix Studios - Jock Cock #5Helix Studios - Jock Cock #6
Helix Studios - Jock Cock #7Helix Studios - Jock Cock #8

Corbin Colby is killin' it shooting hoops alone on the basketball court while cutie Cole Claire sits on the bench getting a bird's eye view of the baller's HUGE bulge bouncing around in his shorts. When Colby's ball rolls out of bounds towards the twink, he starts fantasizing about the balls in Corbin's shorts hanging under his chin. Luckily, we get to crawl inside Cole's cock filled imagination and it is down right dirty!!!! The pretty boy is on his knees worshipping Colby's colossal cock, sucking like his life depends on it. This IS Claire's fantasy, so naturally Corbin takes REAL good care the kid's rock hard rod as well. Full up on dick, Colby turns the taut twink around and tongue punches his tight pink pucker as he pulls the boy's plump cheeks apart to taste the sweet center. Our cocky jock fucks Claire's fanny with his fingers, warming him up to take his baseball bat sized boner. Colby teases the twink with the tip, then slides his super sized schlong all the way in. His big, thick bareback bone pummels the Claire's hole as the cock cam catches all the ass annihilation from underneath. Colby's girthy groin isn't his only gift, the jock's ass is a beautiful muscle bubble that'll make your mouth water. He uses his thick meaty ass to propel his perfect piece deep towards Cole's sweet spot, hitting the kid hard in every position and pummeling his prostate. Cole takes his hand off his own hard hog for a bit and just enjoys the fucking. When he gets back on it he can't contain his cum-splosion any longer and lets the juice loose as he screams out "give it to me." Colby gazes down at his satisfied guy and gears up to give him a good glazing. He pulls out and splashes seed on top of the twink's tight tummy. Both boy's run their fingers through the sticky job well done, then Corbin feeds some sultry spunk to Claire. Our baller goes in for a final kiss, tasting both of their mixed essence on Cole's salty, sweet tongue.

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This is Matit Yah’s first porn movie. As you can see, he really enjoys sucking the XXL dick of our top guy Fabien.

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Stars: Matit Yah Fabien Footeux

Falcon Studios: Wild Attraction Part 2

While Paul Casserras and Tomas Friedel suck each other’s cocks in a 69 position, Maikel Cash fucks Tomas, and Scott Carter fucks Paul. Later, Scott gets his ass plowed by Tomas, while Maikel fucks Paul, until each man blows his load.

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All Real Bareback 56 is packed with big, stiff dicks and greedy holes, starring Marky Mark, Max, Mauri, and Pedro.

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Stars: Pedro Paliza Mauri

Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #1Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #2Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #3
Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #4Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #5Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #6
Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #7Helix Studios - First Time Flashback: Luke Wilder #8

Uber hottie masculine, muscled up surfer dude Luke Wilder is a prime cut of fresh new bisexual man meat on the scene. He's just discovering he likes boys, twinks specifically. Here, our muscled up young newbie spills his sexy secret about the first time a tasty college twink caught his eye AND his cock! Wilder talks us through every delicious dirty detail as super twink Leo Frost happily helps him reenact every exciting moment from Wilder's first time with a guy! This sex soaked scene gives till it hurts in the best way. Be a fly on the wall with a front row seat as Wilder bangs boy butt for the very first time . Pretty bottom boy Leo suggests a game of sex dice to kick the party into high gear. Luscious Luke's dice roll lands perfectly on "lick" "butt," which is exactly what he'd been hoping for. Wilder stuffs his hungry mouth deep in Frost's phat, firm fanny, only coming up for air to stuff his condom free cock deep inside the twink's tight ass! Luke is in lusty heaven as they reenact a fucktastic raw ride. Our dirty blond bottom's boner slaps against his top, smacking the surfer slut's smooth, chiseled chest. Luke smiles, realizing that for the first time he's getting exactly what he's been craving. Frost's phallus goes wild for Wilder's wang, spreading seed everywhere like an unmanned firehose! Luke follows, splattering fuck boy Frost with sticky appreciation as we all relive this hot, raunchy first time fuck!

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Who better to welcome sexy Greek arrival John than eager inked boy Mickey? We couldn’t wait to see these two boys together, but we didn’t know it would be this passionate. They start out sensual, kissing and groping on the couch, but soon enough their hard hooded cocks are revealed and the dude get down to swapping their cocks with some great dick sucking. It’s delicious to watch, but things only get tastier when John starts licking out that experienced hole. With his throbbing tool sinking in deep he shows Mickey what he’s made of, fucking our boy hard and finally finishing with a shower of semen that has Mickey quickly joining in!

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Ever have one of those days where you need multiple dicks a day? I was hanging out in the burbs visiting some friends and, I got hit up on grindr by one of those no face or pic DL dudes. But, I was pretty horny so I thought WTF and I answered. Turns out after talking he knows who I am and suggest we record it as long as we could be discreet. He said he had busted so many nuts to watching me suck dick, and he wanted to see his serviced too! Now, this dude had a super thick redneck accent so most of the time I had no idea what the fuck he was saying. But, I was completely enjoying him fucking my throat it didn’t matter! So, I met him in his back yard in the shed and got straight to work! To my surprise I wasn’t disappointed. He fed me dick and left in such a hurry I never got to nut. Which lead me to some midnight raw caramel dick!

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Stars: Rogan Hardy

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