Jacob Durham and his Big Daddy were in for the night and in the kitchen trying to figure out what to make for supper. But its kinda hard to do that when him and Tyler Reed are both shirtless and having foreplay right there in the kitchen! Tyler gets a phone call from the office saying he had to go pick up a model from the airport as the model was being stubborn and wouldnt take an Uber. So Tyler no sooner rushes out the door and Jacob, all hot and bothered phones an old fuck bud Adam Ryker to come over and seed him on the down low. Adam desperate for a hole rushes over to get his thick roughneck cock up Jacobs raw hole and teaches that hole a lesson! They had to rush because Big Daddy was coming home. Upon coming home Tyler noticed supper was still not made but wanted to fuck his boy instead but he was not prepared to find out his boy was just used!

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Stars: Adam Ryker Jacob Durham Tyler Reed

Some of the hottest stud Diego Sans scenes ever filmed! Watch and enjoy!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Some of the hottest stud Diego Sans scenes ever filmed! Watch and enjoy!

Stars: Solomon Aspen Brenner Bolton Diego Sans

Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #1Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #2Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #3
Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #4Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #5Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #6
Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #7Helix Studios - Drew Baker Solo Session #8

Hot, young and fresh from Atlanta Drew Baker is an outdoorsy type who keeps his body tight by going to the gym and loves boys, his favorite parts being legs…. and DICK! Max Carter has him show off that taught swimmer's body and waists no time getting his adorable blue underwear to his knees as the seems look like they're about to bust from the massive contents inside! This tiny twink has a cock that could choke a horse, nice and long with a thick fat head. It would be pointing straight north but theres so much dick the sheer weight of the whopper dangles the hefty hammer down. A perfect angle if one were on their knees. Max masterfully massages our boy with a hot handy along with an ass inspection complete with some bad boy spankings. Then he orders Drew to finger his own hole. Max can tell this is the kid's sweet spot so he offers his own thick fingers only to prepare the tight space for a deep dildo probe. Baker's boner grows even harder and Carter crams every inch of the translucent toy inside as our boy is spread eagle. Max steps back and lets Baker bang his own hole. With heavy breath the beautiful boy heaves some heavy cream from his giant cock, then reaches down to thank his open hole for all the pleasure.

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Imagine having a boy like Kamyk under your instruction to do whatever you like! Mickey demanded the boy to play with and we couldn’t say no. We got the boy naked and with some cuffs on his wrists and ankles and just handed him to Mickey, we knew he would make full use of the boy. He starts out with some arse play, exploring that sweet rump, then making it red and sore with some spanking before using his throbbing bad boy dick in his pucker! Mickey really doesn’t hold back with this lad, but would you expect him to? Prepare for a hard ride!

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A stud is anal fucking a twink’s tight bunghole – Hard For Me

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Men Over 30: Brad Kalvo & Chandler Scott - Bear Hug

Chandler is Brad’s Pup and loves worshiping his big hairy body. Brad loves giving him bear hugs and having him smell and rub on his massive hairy body. Chandler knows that Brad loves having his nipples sucked, so he pays extra attention to that part of Brad’s body when worshipping him. He works his way down Brad’s body and pulls out his cock and sucks his big bear balls deep. Brad then puts Chandler in the chair and returns the favor and sucks his Pup’s big cock. He then has Chandler kneel in the chair as he rims his beautiful ass in preparation for his big cock. He fucks Chandler in the chair first and then bends him over the bench and continues to fuck him hard and deep. He fucks the cum out of Chandler as he explodes with thick creamy cum all over his hairy body. Brad then pulls out and Chandler plays with his nipples as Brad jacks a nice thick load of cum out of his cock all over Chandler’s hairy chest.<br/> <br/>Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo & Jake Archer - Intimate

Jake Archer is in his underwear in the living room checking out his phone when Gabriel Alanzo enters while listening to his headphones. Gabriel is dancing and making Jake giggle when he comes over and makes the moves on Jake. They make out and grind pelvis on pelvis through the cotton fabric of their tighty whities when Ryan Rose casually walks in and joins the action. Ryan sits down and immediately becomes the focus of the other two hunks. Jake and Gabriel take turns sucking Ryan, working his hard member and licking every inch of his ripped body. Jake pulls out his fully erect manhood and slips it into Ryan’s mouth as Gabriel completes the chain down between Ryan’s legs. Not a writhing body goes without attention as the threesome works and pumps and grinds on every patch of available skin. Jake gives Gabriel lots of oral pleasure as Ryan enters him from behind. Gabriel wants in on the riding action and the guys switch it up so everyone can get a bit of Ryan inside their tight bodies. Ryan takes turns on each lucky stud, giving them exactly what they want and need. Jake is the first to give in, and as Ryan keeps up a steady pace, Jake lets loose all over his own perfect abs. When Gabriel sees Jake let go, he follows suit and explodes his passion all over Jake’s panting body. That’s Ryan’s cue to join the guys and finish up as he covers Jake with a shower of cum from above. The guys kiss and continue to enjoy each other’s bodies in the afterglow of their ‘Intimate’, fun and sensual escapade.

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Tristan is back with his cute blonde buddy Ricardo. After a nice relaxing massage and blowjob Ricardo is all horned up to give Tristan a good fucking. Enjoy!

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Helix Studios - Price to Pay #1Helix Studios - Price to Pay #2Helix Studios - Price to Pay #3
Helix Studios - Price to Pay #4Helix Studios - Price to Pay #5Helix Studios - Price to Pay #6
Helix Studios - Price to Pay #7Helix Studios - Price to Pay #8

Fantasy boyfriends Jeremy Price and Landon Vega wake up wrapped in each other's arms at a beautiful beach house rock hard and ready! Horny heat permeates through their clothes, drawing this gorgeous couple towards one another's cocks. The perfect all American blond and his lusty latin lover lovingly lick every throbbing inch in an romantic cock sucking foreplay before Jeremy bends his boy over by the window and plows his ass bareback. Landon gets Jeremy's legs in the air and returns the hot ass fucking favor. The perfect couple pass their pieces back and fourth, sharing cock and ass equally and enjoying the ecstasy in this flip flop fuck fest. Landon is getting close riding Jeremy's cock like a cowboy and Price just looks in his eyes, spreads his ass for the camera and crams his cock upwards and says "I'm cumming." That's all Vega needed to hear in order to jet out massive amounts of jizz on his bf's chest. Landon slides his lovely latin ass backwards letting Jeremy's cock flop out along with a steady stream of fresh hot cream that Price pumped up his hot hole.

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Ty Thomas wanna shared an ass moment with Connor Collins. – Ty Thomas Takes it From Connor Collins – Ty Thomas & Connor Collins

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