If anyone knows how to make a twink rod throb and ooze it’s chav lad Sean. The thing is, with this boy you never know where things are gonna go. Kamyk is obviously a little nervous, naked and tied to the cross beams, his shaved penis hanging for the lad to enjoy. The burning candles and the blindfold only add to his trepidation. Instead of hot molten wax the boy gets an amazing session of hot and cold joystick play, his cock and balls soon aching as Sean worships him and wanks him to the limit with freezing water, warming cream, ice and more. It’s no wonder his dick spurts out such a great load after all that, and we’re all doing exactly the same!

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Falcon Studios: Adam Ramzi & Bruno Bernal - Primal

Bruno Bernal looks up at Adam Ramzi with a primal urge. They make out as Bruno tugs on Adam’s nipples. Instinctively, Bruno sinks down and opens his mouth to receive Adam’s throbbing, uncut tool. With deep thrusts, Adam feeds his cock down Bruno’s throat. Adam fixates on Bruno’s ass, so he parts Bruno’s firm, tan cheeks and dives in tongue first. His spit drips down Bruno’s crack as Adam lubes up the tight hole. Returning to his oral worship, Bruno sucks on Adam’s balls and runs his tongue along the edge of Adam’s foreskin. Moving to a 69 position, Bruno impales his face on Adam’s cock as Adam buries his face in Bruno’s ass. All that rimming has Bruno’s ass ready to get fucked, so Adam thrusts his cock in and delivers an uninhibited pounding. Bruno’s abs flex as he gets pummeled by Adam’s massive, thick meat. Rolling over, Bruno gets in doggy style position and Adam continues his anal offensive. Bruno’s flanks ripple with the pressure of Adam’s intense pummeling. Flipping on his back, Bruno assumes missionary position and jerks out his load, spewing cum across his chest with Adam still inside. Pulling out, Adam kneels next to Bruno and unleashes a gigantic, spurting load that shoots across the bed. With their primal needs satisfied, they finish with satisfying kissing.

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Go behind the scenes of a steamy Hot House shoot in ‘Depths of Focus’ and get a special all access look at what happens behind closed doors when shooting the hottest porn stars on the planet! Director Nick Foxx helms this tell-all expose of the intense sexual encounters that occur on and off set. Photographer Austin Wolf and his production assistant Gabriel Cross nail their photoshoot with Alexander Volkov, then nail each other in a searing threeway, with Alexander as the meat in their fuck sandwich. Production assistants Jacob Taylor and Jordan Boss use their break from set to start
some steamy action of their own. Sean Zevran gets fitted for his photo shoot by Derek Bolt, but the attraction is too much and Sean quickly find himself fitting his cock deep in Derek’s ass. Models Micah Brandt and Johnny V wrap their photo shoot, but it’s not long before their wrapped in heated offset fucking with Micah plowing Johnny relentlessly. If you ever wanted to know what is
really going on when porn stars are on the set, don’t miss ‘Depths of Focus.’

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Without chemistry, there is no desire. It is the essential element of sexual connection. Director
Steve Cruz handpairs
eight intensely sexual men with their "Object of Desire" for Hard Friction’s
most passionate erotic exploration yet. Scruffy hunk Mick Stallone gets pounded by Bruce Beckham
and Jason Vario in a sizzling threeway.
Sporty Eastcoast
bro Jeff Powers buries his boner in
Bruno Bernal’s Brazilian booty. Australian hunk Letterio Amadeo flipflops
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Stars: Mickelo Evans Bruce Beckham

Falcon Studios: JJ Knight & Tegan Zayne - On The Market

Eager assistant Tegan Zayne is in the office trying to figure out how to complete a short sale, JJ Knight comes over to help him resolve the tricky issue. When they solve that problem, they move on to a harder challenge for Tegan: servicing JJ’s massive, throbbing cock, but Tegan is up for the task. Undoing his fly, JJ unleashes his enormous slab of meat, and Tegan stretches his mouth around its incredible girth. Tegan tongues the giant head and uses his hands to stroke the hefty shaft. JJ’s heavy balls hang low and swing back and forth as he fucks Tegan’s scruffy face. Pulling down his pants, Tegan exposes his exceptionally furry ass for JJ to rim. With great enthusiasm, JJ dives in tongue first, lubing Tegan’s hole with plenty of spit. Leaning back in his chair, JJ invites Tegan to sit down on his thick fuck stick. Tegan’s own cock bounces in the air as he rides JJ’s tool. Laying back on the office desk, Tegan gets pummeled missionary style, and JJ ramps up the power of his thrusting. With so many inches inside him, Tegan gets closer and closer to the edge. Jerking his cock in time with JJ’s thrusting, Tegan explodes with a spurting cum fountain, blasting semen high in the air and raining globs of cum down on his torso. Almost instantly, JJ blows his load, squirting a geyser across Tegan’s body and landing on the shoulder of his blue dress shirt.

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Helix Studios - Shower Sex #1Helix Studios - Shower Sex #2Helix Studios - Shower Sex #3
Helix Studios - Shower Sex #4Helix Studios - Shower Sex #5Helix Studios - Shower Sex #6
Helix Studios - Shower Sex #7Helix Studios - Shower Sex #8

Big dicked boys Joey Mills and Landon Vega slather one another's salaciously long schlongs in a dimly lit hallway before bringing their big boners into a shower big enough to fit all their talents. The young studs look sexy as fuck with water running over their tight bodies and dripping from their giant cocks. They boys mouths are watering as well, hungry for dick. They each get their fill before Joey offers his amazingly smooth ass to Landon for some bareback butt loving. Landon takes his time, teasing Mills inch by inch until the entire length of our latin lover is stuffed deep inside Joey's juicy ass. Bracing himself against the shower wall, Mills takes a walloping wet booty banging before the boys dry off and move their freshly clean cocks to the bedroom. Things don't stay clean for long as these dirty boys get back to doing what they do best. Joey eases his squeaky clean hole down on Vega before Landon decides his clean crack needs some cock as well. Joey's giant slides inside Landon's loins condom free and fast! Our boy definitely needed it bad! Holding onto Joey's throat, Landon careens his caboose on that cock with all his might! The young big dicked beauties flip flop a few times; after all, they've got enough dick to share. Mills makes nasty with Landon's latin cock up his ass, blasting his tight belly with thick hot wads. The sight is too sexy for Landon to handle. He pulls that thick cock out and aims directly at our pretty boy's butt, glazing his hole with latin frosting and making it sweet like flan.

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Sam & Jack clearly couldnt wait to have it off. They were feeling each other up as we got ready and, when we left them alone a minute, they got right to it with Jack sliding his solid length up into his new friend and fucking him deep. With a little break in the middle for some rimming of that eager hole Sam is already on the edge, sliding his arse down on Jack’s pecker and riding him while he wanks himself off takes him all the way, splashing out an eruption of spooge all over the handsome young guy. I would recommend saving your load a little longer, seeing the massive mess Jack spews out all over Sam before letting him suck his sticky pecker clean is gonna make you blow hard and messy!

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Helix Studios - Playing Rough #1Helix Studios - Playing Rough #2Helix Studios - Playing Rough #3
Helix Studios - Playing Rough #4Helix Studios - Playing Rough #5Helix Studios - Playing Rough #6
Helix Studios - Playing Rough #7Helix Studios - Playing Rough #8

New cummer Gabe Isaac makes up a game/good excuse to get his hands on gorgeous Grayson Lange outside in the park. Having heard stories of Gabe's gargantuan goo gun Grayson plays along. Naturally the boys wind up in they're teen boy bedroom studying one another's biology. Grayson gets his knob gobbled before digging deep into Isaac's underwear to get to the 'bottom" of these big dick rumors. Gabe's package is absolutely enormous and looks like he's smuggling a monster in there that's growing by the second. Lange laps at his perfect piece like a puppy and then moves on to Gabe's gorgeously smooth young hole with probing fingers and a warm mouth. He slaps the kids tight ass with a couple spankings for good measure as Gabe does some spanking of his own on that mammoth member. After Grayson has geared up Gabe's hole for some grinding, Lange launches his cock inside for a ball slapping bareback good time. Lange's beautiful bubble butt plunges ass as it flexes and fucks feverishly. Grayson couldn't let all that fresh cock go to waste, so he climbs on top like a good little bottom. He must go slow at first to readjust everything he thinks he knows about bottoming, this is a "horse" of a different color! Gabe makes it go down easier by playing with his buddies boner. Lange taking Isaac doggy style is a dick dripper of a good time. Pounds of cock being stuffed inside such a tiny twink is porn perfection. Lange's hole has had a penis punishing, the boys switch hit and Gabe is there to pick up the dick. Lange lays into the kid, and our big dicked twink launches a big hot load! Grayson pulls out, nuts nasty on the boys butt then shoves his slick schlong back inside. Flip flop, big dick perfection!

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Men Over 30: Jason Barr & Nate Stetson - Wet Lovers

Nate and Jason are lovers and have been fantasizing about fucking in the gym and today they finally woke up early so they can beat the morning crowds. The weather outside is raining and Jason is horny as hell. He wants to have sex right there in the locker room to spice up their relationship, but Nate is a little nervous about getting caught. He convinces Nate and they both get naked revealing their hard cocks as they enter the shower. Jason drops to his knees and sucks Nate’s big cock and then Nate does the same for Jason. He then turns Jason around and rims his big beefy ass and uses water from the shower to spit into his ass as well. Nate loves how big and soft Jason’s ass feels on his face as he tongue fucks his hole. They both towel off and then Nate fucks Jason up against the lockers for a bit before bending him over the bench and fucking him doggy for a while. Jason’s ass is really tight and Nate’s hard dick is wrapped up tightly. He then puts Jason on his back and fucks him deep and hard. Nate also gives Jason a great blow job while he’s fucking him on the bench. He goes back and forth for a while until Jason shoots a big load all over himself and we see Jason pull out and he begins cumming as he rips the condom off, he is so turned on and his hot load ends up all over Jason’s hairy chest. They head back to the shower to clean off before anyone arrives. Enjoy!

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Sean originally thought he would need to take it a little easy on new boy Lorenzo, but after getting in there and eating out the boy’s smooth little hole and feeding him his big uncircumcised meat he soon realised this young bloke is more experienced than he looks. Indeed, this young twink loves getting fucked hard, taking big cocks in his pucker and being fucked to a spunk load. Watch Sean own his arse with his big cock and spurt his load out over the boy, leaving him dripping in the swing for someone else to come and use.

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