Falcon Studios: Jacob Taylor & Tommy Regan - Cruising Grounds

With his jeans around his ankles, Jacob Tyler strokes his cock in the warehouse, waiting to be found. Tommy Regan sneaks into the room, shirtless, pecs bulging, eager to join Jacob in servicing his cock. With his hand on his crotch, Tommy approaches Jacob and encompasses Jacob’s massive cock with his mouth. Stripping off his shirt, Jacob reveals his pumped chest, ripped abs, and perfect tan skin. Tommy’s biceps bulge as he jerks off Jacob’s cock. The two muscled studs kiss, and Jacob grabs at Tommy’s perfect bubble butt. Tommy puts himself in the ideal submissive pose to get his hole eaten, with his ass in the air and his face down on the ground. Going in tongue first, Jacob explores Tommy’s pink hole. Jacob’s throbbing cock can’t wait to follow suit: with confident, powerful thrusting, Jacob makes his entrance and gives Tommy an incredible doggy style fucking. Tommy’s jock strap provides a handle for Jacob to pull himself deeper and deeper towards Tommy’s prostate. Switching it up, Jacob lays on his back for Tommy to saddle up and ride. Raising and lowering himself on Jacob’s cock, Tommy puts on an impressive display of power bottoming. The action has Jacob ready to really go for it: he picks Tommy up and repositions him in missionary, and you can tell he’s found the sweet spot to stimulate Tommy’s prostate. Jerking his cock while getting fucked, Tommy spews his load of cum across his beefy chest and washboard abs. Jacob finishes himself off, adding his spunk to the streaks across Tommy’s torso.

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American Boy 2 from Trax Action is packed with hard, heavy, greedy blowjob fun!

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Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #1Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #2Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #3
Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #4Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #5Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #6
Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #7Helix Studios - Back to My Place? #8

It's a sultry sexy night on the streets of San Diego and Gorgeous Grayson Lange finds uber hottie Tyler Hill looking edible on the streets. Back at the boys bang-cave the two twinks can't get their clothes off fast enough while their mouths remain magnets. Tyler works his way down to Grayson's throat choker and goes in on it HARD! Always the team player Lange licks at Tyler like a tornado while working his beautiful smooth balls and amazingly perfect ass. (#MultiTasking) Hill's smooth hind end is the stuff dreams are made of and Grayson gets in there like a hungry bitch. Lange takes control ordering Tyler to "get on the ground." The big dicked twink fucks ferociously and Hill is hard as diamonds the entire ride. One good turn deserves another and Tyler anties up, offering cock to Grayson's gorgeous boy hole. The kid rides cock like an equestrian and Hill hits all the right notes putting his boy in multiple positions of pleasure. It's a fantastic flip-flop fantasy cum true as the boys serve their best attributes, sharing the responsibility of anal ecstasy. This of course leads to a liquid love fest and both beauties are doused in sticky desire; just as you will be!

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Now and then you get that feeling in your gut when you imagine a couple of bloke together, and in the case of Mickey and Tommy it worked out so well we were totally blown away by it. The chemistry between these bloke is real, totally genuine, from the moment they start kissing, to the final seconds as they share their spooge. Seeing these guy2 sucking those dicks was enough to have us all hard and desperate for more, but we sure got it when Mickey shoved his joystick into Tommy and started fucking him deep.

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One of our most favorite hung tops is back! Only this time, hes giving up his crack for the very last time. Our boy Dax has retired from adult cinema. As you may already know, Dax has serious skills for a straight guy. Hes always full of surprises; from his ability to fuck and cum and fuck and cum again, to his eagerness to kiss and suck man cock, lol. We do have a few more videos with Dax from last year and theyll be up on soon.

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Stars: Dax (MaverickMan22) Cole Maverick Hunter "Maverick Man"

Gay construction workers pound each other’s tight asses – Dirty Sexy Guys

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Hairless teen boy Eli has never had his dong treated like this before. The boy has been roped down, naked and vulnerable, ready for the master to come and play with. His naked body gets some tickling, but soon it’s his sheathed rod getting all the attention as a massager and a vibrating wank toy are used against his stiff cock. His tight foreskin gets a lot of play, his shaft takes so much vibrating and stroking, soon his spooge is splashing out of that puckered hood and Eli is writhing around with pleasure!

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Men Over 30: Cameron Kincade & Bennett Anthony - Fitness Desire

Cameron is jocking Bennett in the gym locker room. He is amazed how great shape he is in and wants to know his secrets on the ultimate body. Cameron tells Bennett he wants to see him flex so Cameron takes his shirt off revealing his toned body. Cameron is drooling all over himself and keeps complimenting Bennett so much so that awkward silence creeps up and they both just stare at each other. They gaze into each other’s eyes and finally Bennett makes the move. They begin kissing and rubbing which leads to Bennett dropping down on his knees to service his gym buddy. They swap BJs leading into Bennett becoming forceful and pushing Cameron up against the lockers while making out. He spreads his legs far and wide and drops to his knees opening up Cameron’s sweet ass to be licked upon. Bennett can’t get enough of that sweet ass as he licks it clean getting it ready for his hard cock. Bennett proceeds to fuck Cameron up against the lockers then onto the bench where they both blow their built up loads. <br/><br/>Enjoy!

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Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose & Austin Carter - HOOK'D

Austin Carter executes a quick workout in his apartment, stripping off his shirt and flexing his muscles. Working out gets him horned up, so he picks up his tablet to see who’s out there. Seeing Ryan Rose puts a big smile on his face, so he sends him a message and invites him over. When Ryan arrives, Austin is waiting for him with his ass up. A smile flashes across Ryan’s face, and he immediately gets to rimming Austin’s tight hole. Austin rolls over and Ryan turns his attention to Austin’s rock hard cock. Ryan stands and pushes his cock towards Austin’s face, and Austin wraps his lips around Ryan’s enormous tool. With Austin eager to feel Ryan inside him, Ryan sits down on the couch, and Austin sits down on Ryan. As Ryan and Austin grind together, Ryan’s cock slides deeper and deeper into Austin’s tight butt. Ryan achieves a pile-driver position by having Austin rest his shoulders on the floor and his ass against the couch, then transitions to doggy style. After pounding Austin’s hole, Ryan points his cock at Austin’s face and ejaculates a massive load that drips down Austin’s cheekbone and into his open mouth. Austin sucks out the last drops of cum from Ryan’s cock as he strokes himself off onto the floor.

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Helix Studios - All Natural #1Helix Studios - All Natural #2Helix Studios - All Natural #3
Helix Studios - All Natural #4Helix Studios - All Natural #5Helix Studios - All Natural #6
Helix Studios - All Natural #7Helix Studios - All Natural #8

There's some heavy flirting going on at the park today between way big Wyatt Walker and cute, boy band-worthy Noah White! Enjoying their gorgeous youth climbing trees horse playing in the park, the sexual tension gets the best of them. White can't take it and wraps his arms around Wyatt for a hot make out session! Wyatt feels Noah's nasty bits getting bigger and can no longer control himself! Dropping to his knees right there in the public park, he deep throats the dude balls deep! The too cute twink tweaks his nipples while Wyatt works his wang. Naturally they need to take the action indoors before being arrested! Wyatt's red hot boy briefs can hardly contain his massive meat. The colossal cock flops out and nasty boy Noah is there waiting with a hungry wet mouth. The big boy flips Noah around, spits in his tight hole and crams his giant right inside, raw as raw can be! Noah can't get enough, reaching back to pull Wyatt and his whopper deeper inside. As an added bonus, we hear the big balls slapping White's perfect ass as he moans and begs for more. Wyatt flips Noah like a burger once more so we can see him tug his rock hard twink torpedo while Wyatt wraps his hands around the kids neck in a super hot love choke! The brings Noah to the brink and he bangs out an epically nasty nut causing Walker to do the same. Using two hands, Wyatt wanks out a wicked wad, creaming all over the boy's pretty pucker! Perfect!

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