Falcon Studios: Sean Zevran, Johnny V & Jacob Taylor - The Trainer

Sean Zevran and Johnny V endure a rigorous joint training session coached by Jacob Taylor. Afterwards, Johnny cools down by stripping off his shirt and pouring the contents of his water bottle down his shredded torso. The three ripped muscle studs can’t keep their hands off each other, and they start to make out while groping each other’s ripped bodies. Getting down on his knees, Johnny alternates between sucking off Jacob and Sean’s cocks. Bending over a platform, Johnny puts his ass in the air for rimming. First Sean, then Jacob take turns at eating the blond stud’s perfect bubble butt. The spit roasting begins with Jacob fucking Johnny’s ass as Johnny sucks Sean’s huge meat. Trading places, Sean takes his turn on Johnny’s ass while Jacob gets his dick worshiped. From every angle, these three muscle studs show off their bulging muscles. Using battle ropes, the trio create a makeshift sling for Johnny to get his ass pummeled. Sean takes the reigns, giving Johnny an incredible pounding. The deep anal penetration gets Johnny V off, and he sprays his torso with thick ropes of cum. Pulling out, Sean works his cock until he oozes forth a massive load that he deposits right on Johnny’s cock and balls. The sight makes Jacob blow his load, arching across Johnny’s pecs. Rising from the sling, Johnny stands and the three muscle gods press their faces together to share a three-way kiss.

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Cesar Xes sticks his big hard cock in Billy Song’s face and it’s all that’s needed to get things started. The cock hungry bottom sucks that meat, with the expectation it will soon be up his ass. What follows is a bareback fuck session that has Billy taking Cesar in a variety of positions, as we enjoy some great close-ups of the anal action. In fact, the camera gets in so close you can literally see those ass lips roll with each raw thrust. Finally, Cesar is ready to blow and leaves his bottom boy splattered from forehead to belly and cum dripping off his chin.

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Stars: Billy Song Cesar Xes

Kinky and excruciating anal exams are Doctor Twink’s specialize field of practice. Cute Asian twinks come from all over Asia to experience his twisted medical treatments. Once the word got out that a hot sexy gay Asian doctor was on duty, they suddenly come down with some ailment that brings them to the horny gay Asian doctor. Today it’s Marcon, a cute Asian gay boy who hasn’t been bareback fucked in a long time. He’s got an itch and Doctor Simon is just the one to scratch it. The doctor starts off with the typical diagnostics, but as soon as he gets a peak at his cute patient’s cock, he prescribes an emergency blow job. Marcon moans as the kinky doctor sucks cock. Then he needs to examine his ass. Doctor Simon puts on his latex gloves and fingers his patient’s ass. Marcon asks for more, and deeper. Next comes the milk enema. Of course the cute gay Asian twink can’t expel the milk on his own. But the horny doctor usually relies on the dildo effect. Doctor Simon starts dildo fucking the young Asian twink and before long, out squirts the milk. At this point, Marcon is so horny he lunges at the doctor in horny passion and starts stripping off his clothes. A well deserved blow job for Doctor Simon ensues. The gay Asian patient, after having been thoroughly dildo fucked continues the blow job on his kinky doctor. Then he looks up and says, "Fuck me doctor!" Far be it for this gay sex craved doctor to refuse such a request. With his cock all boned up and fully erect, the horny gay Asian doctor lays on the exam table while Marcon mounts his big dick for a bareback ride. But Marcon isn’t going to let him off that easily.

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Stars: Marcon Simon

Falcon Studios: Alex Mecum & Fane Roberts - Route 69

When Fane Roberts and Dustin Holloway run out of gas on their road trip in the desert, Fane grabs a gas can and heads down the highway to hitchhike to the nearest filling station. As luck would have it, Alex Mecum picks Fane up in his pickup truck. After a brief and suggestive introduction, Fane realizes that Alex has more than just giving him a ride on his mind. To show that he means business, Alex unbuckles his pants and Fane immediately shows his appreciation for the ride by giving Alex some road head. Alex doesn’t want to be distracted and pulls the truck over to the side of the road where the two hunks hop out and get naked in the sun. When Alex sees Fane’s ass, he knows he needs a taste and bends Fane over to eat him out. That gets both hunks even harder and Alex goes down on Fane to satisfy his cravings. ‘Let me suck your dick some more,’ Fane begs, as Alex once again offers up his massive, thick dick. Fane has an incredible mouth and after working Alex a bit longer, Alex explodes all over Fane’s face. Knowing that he’s done an incredible job at pleasing the good Samaritan, and with the taste of his cum in his mouth, Fane jacks his rod into the gravel of the side of the road and leaves his mark in nature as the two hung studs kiss in the desert heat.

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Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #1Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #2Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #3
Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #4Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #5Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #6
Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #7Helix Studios - Sea Shore Hardcore #8

Cole Claire and Oliver Saxton are frolicking on the beach in super sexy tiny swim trunks! It may be a bit chilly but these beach babes definitely aren't experiencing ANY shrinkage! With waves crashing against their cocks, the handsome twosome taste each other's sweet, salty lips before their big boners lead the way to a more secluded area where the REAL action goes down! Tall and tan, Oliver tears at Cole's cock confining swimwear, anxious to get at the ever thickening thing inside those tight trunks! One look at Cole's perfect cock and Oliver drops to his knees to inhale the kid's huge hog. Cock hungry Cole unties his swim buddy's trunks and discovers an absolutely delicious dick. He slurps at the salt water covered wang, cleaning every inch of Saxton's schlong with his tongue. Oliver pushes the kid deeper down onto his piece to get a better reach at the boy's bubble butt. He likes what he sees and immediately wants in. Turning Cole around, Saxton slaps the kid's can with his heavy cock before breaking in bareback. Saxton envelops pretty boy Claire, wrapping his muscled arms completely around the butt boy and punishing the fuck out of his hole. Then sexy slut Saxton tosses his own legs in the air, inviting Cole to give him a taste of his own meaty medicine. Cole is a confident cocky top. Holding his own, he tosses Oliver around like a play thing as he thrusts in deep and hard. Keeping it exciting, the fellas flip flop once more. Cole saddles up on top Oliver for one hell of a hot horse ride before getting on his back so we can see both boners in their full glory as they get ready to blow. Saxton fires up the pace, rabbit fucking the cum right out of Cole's cock. The bronze beach boy doesn't let up, he keeps pumping penis deep in Cole's cum hole then glazes the kid's cakes with sweet cream.

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It has to be said that both Kris and Koby love to get fucked. When you get two predominantly bottom dude together you’re never sure what might happen, but it was clear from the start that these two have real lust for each other. They were asking to be teamed up for a while, and when it finally happened it was pretty damn hot! Watch as the two handsome guy2 suck knob, fuck ass and swap their holes, with Koby getting a pile driving fuck and riding Kris to finish things off and get their spunk shots splashing!

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So, it was hot as fuck and it was the 4th of July Holiday! I headed out to the suburbs to Tristan’s place. He wanted to whore me out in his shed. (I rushed over!) He found seven big white studs to come over and load my hole up. I was so full I could barely keep it all in me and my ass was super sore. After the last guy I thought we were done but, he wanted to be serviced of course! So, he fucked my throat and slid his dick in my full ass. As he fucked me all the loads just kept coming out and puddling under us! Fuck, I love his dick!

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Stars: Rogan Hardy

Helix Studios - Quick Learner #1Helix Studios - Quick Learner #2Helix Studios - Quick Learner #3
Helix Studios - Quick Learner #4Helix Studios - Quick Learner #5Helix Studios - Quick Learner #6
Helix Studios - Quick Learner #7Helix Studios - Quick Learner #8

Book worm Jimmy Andrews is studying hard when Alan Davis saunters up behind him just as hard! Davis is devilishly sexy and Jimmy is unable to focus on books when the beautiful bad boy drops to his knees. A cock swap suck-a-thon ensues but then straight A student Andrews decides to crack open Alan's ass like a best seller and dive into the plot. Alan lets Jimmy know he needs the kid's fat cock in his ass. That's all Andrews needs to hear. He aims his ample apple headed appendage at Alan's hot little hole and barrels his bareback boner deep inside. Jimmy takes his bottom boy on a tube steak tour through several steamy positions as the study buddies make out like the horned up high schoolers they are. After a thorough thrashing, Alan decides to dip his wick inside book boy. Jimmy is rock hard and tight as a drum. Alan eases his schlong inside, taking it slow as this young guy is tight as fuck. The tight bootied bottom strokes his skyscraper of a boner bringing it to a boil. The sexy student has been hitting the books and definitely needed this release, cause this amount of delicious cum has obviously been cooped up for way to long. Davis follows, hosing down his fiery friend good and gooey.

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The second Sean arrived to find Kamyk with his head and hands in the wooden stocks and his legs bound up with his arse on show he was in there in a flash! That hole is at the perfect height for the lad to finger and lick, kneeling to feast on the boy’s hot little opening. Kamyk loves having his hole fingered and played with, his joystick is soon stiff and leaking pre-cum. But the pleasure he’s had so far is nothing compared to fun he gets when Sean slides his wet cock into him!

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Men Over 30: Jace Chambers & Marco Lorenzo - 30 Days In...

Marco and Jace are sitting in bed and discussing the fact that Marco moved in 30 days ago.  Jace asks him is there is anything that he finds annoying, now that they have been living together for 30 days.  Marco says there is one thing and that its Jace snores very loud.  Jace is surprised to hear this, but Marco says it is OK he can deal with it.  They start making out and soon Marco has Jace’s cock in his mouth.  Jace then blows Marco for a bit before making his way to Marco’s ass with his tongue.  Jace rims Marco and sucks his cock back-and-forth before he drives his cock deep in Marco’s beefy ass.  Jace fucks Marco in three positions long and deep until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots a big load all over Marco’s chest and face.  Marco then takes the last drops of Jace’s load in his mouth and shoots his own thick creamy load all over himself.Enjoy!

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